Friday, November 11, 2016

The powerful female.

Playing in photoshop. I love Adobe products!
Original one-of-a kind art by Judith Parsons Art. 2016

The complicated multi-faceted diamond that women are. The sun reflects a million rainbows of hope from her.

She, the female. 

We are all born into this world from a female.

SHE has such incredible power when she is young.

What if she stopped having babies? 
In a few years the preschools would be out of business, the pediatricians would have to switch to another field. 

In 6 years the diaper companies would go out of business. No sense having diapers if there aren’t any babies, wait, we have adults who need diapers now. So — I guess they would remain in business.

The power of the woman who still has a menstrual cycle is incredible.

The catholic church knew what it was doing when it placed Madonna at the central figure. We all are born.

Just rambling thoughts…no sharp corners. Nothing but curves and soft thoughts.

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