Thursday, October 4, 2018

Don't Wait

"Do not wait until pain has become a friend."
Original artwork created by Judith Parsons Art 2018
San Francisco

I don't know if this has occurred to you. You are in a new relationship and everything is going along fine and dandy.

Then you start disconnecting. Something has gone wrong. You are looking around trying to figure out how to plug back into the wonderful beginnings.

Something has changed. There could be a zillion reasons, however, something has shifted.

You keep telling yourself: "I can keep loving this person."

So you do.

Whew. You got over that bumpy place.

Then you hit another snag, another huge pot hole along your journey. And you keep patching it, you keep apologizing and trying to get along.

How long do you do this?

This is a hard cold mirror reflecting the way we are in life. There might be a kazillion reasons why things aren't as smooth as they once were.

However, the pain is settling in. In fact, you tend to see yourself standing knee deep in hot boiling water and you keep putting on frozen ice boots to get through it...but they melt.

What the heck is happening? How come you are hurting? How come the water is so hot?

That is what the art is about. I read poetry by Joe Wilson. He is a fabulous writer in the "Serious Lovers of Poetry" group in facebook. He actually wrote about becoming friends with the pain. It made me gulp. I thought -holy moly, this is what you used to do Jude.

The key word is "used".

And then I wanted to run around to all of the people I love and cherish and say: "Do not wait! Stop the pain! Don't become friends with it."

So- there you have it.

Thats all I have got. Don't become numb. Don't dive into the foggy realm of drink and drugs to numb yourself. The pain is there to tell you to CHANGE something.

Thank you Joe Wilson for writing your poetry! Thank you Joe for throwing this amazing pearl into my waters!

We need one another. We are connected on so many incredible levels. Keep loving! (And if you are the person CAUSING the pain- stop it. It is simple. Be nice. Support and encourage.)

That is all.

Keep smiling, soaring, shining, singing and sashaying!
Love you all!

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