Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Original art by Judith Parsons Art • San Francisco 2018


It was the first three syllable word I learned to spell. I remember asking a blond headed boy in secondary school how he got A's on his spelling and he told me to break the word down into smaller bites.

He said: "Like the word- together- to-get-her"

It was a moment that stayed with me forever. You know how flash type memories get filed away in your memory.

To get "Her" I talk with my therapist I see all the females in my life, the mom, grandmom, sisters and aunties who have influenced me. Even the older moms who laughed and enjoyed their children- Lauren, you were that for me. A happy mom.

I didn't know one could be happy as a mom- until I met you. So I was determined to laugh and enjoy my children. Thank you for being a good parent. You have amazing daughters- (waving- Molly and Nai.)

Then I met a "her". It was someone outside of myself. Someone I wanted to understand, someone I wanted to capture.  "She"- a magnificent woman, clever and good with her hands. She fixes things easily, took it in stride that she could research it, take photos with her cell phone and figure out the details. I went searching for clever females.

Females have been traveling an interesting path as of late. All the scrutiny about us, how we trick and treat the males in our life. It is an interesting cross roads to be. All in all I admit I drank more than need be. As a young woman, I didn't like being a military wife, I hated the fricken moves. Just as soon as I found a cool as heck family to love, (waving Myers family) it would be time for us to move again. I hated that every hurricane season my husband was needed upon the ship, and I was left alone. Enough of the hate talk. The past is the past.
Let bygones be bygones.

Now, I am figuring out the "her" within me. What makes me happy, what makes me excited, what moves me to cry. I am learning that being a mother of two children is a glorious role to wear. It is a super power to have children. Sure, in this world more than ever- it is a tough trick to handle working and raising babies. However, more than ever, with internet and instant technology it is easier than ever to work from home.

I would stay up at night and layout magazines on my computer and awaken blurry eyed with my babies. I did. We can do it. And if you decide not to have babies then maybe you can become an "Aunty" to a friend and support her babies.

All-in-all we are together in this. It seems we need one another more than ever. We all need to our tribe of friends. People we can be silly and crazy with. Even drunk with- if you need to. Bit own it, take responsibility for your drinking. Maybe even give fair warning to your family that you are going under the spell of the foggy realm of drink.
Together we can become stronger and better.

If you know a military wife, take her under your wing, she REALLY needs you. On that I will sign out, I adore you readers.

On Friday I am doing a coronary angiogram, so please keep me in your prayers. It seems the heart needs a little fixing maybe. So we gots to figure it all out.

Oh- I have some glasses I have made a Saints Star. It is an original design. I have a friend in New Orleans who is laser etching the glasses. $75. for 4  or $125. for 8.

Email me.

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