Monday, October 8, 2018

The heart with teeth in it.

Original one-of-a-kind art
By Judith Parsons Art
San Francisco 2018

I redrew the fleur-de-lis, I took the arms of the symbol and made sure the shape was a crescent.

The curve was made by over lapping two perfect circles. Then the band which goes across the center was changed to represent a heart.

I let the tips of the crescent arms dip down into the heart.
The tips resemble teeth. It might be hard to see in this graphic.

Though when we mature and grow, we realize that that young innocent love. That naive love, HAS to be naive.

If anyone knew from the start what they were getting into -they would fricken run away screaming- with their hands up in the air.

Love does require reciprocation. It is a two way street. It requires acquiescing and backing down from a huge argument. Someone has to break the silent frozen tit for tat zone.

Yeah. Relationships can be a pain in the ass.

Yet. They can also be a comfort. Someone to snuggle against. Someone to cry to.

You have to constantly weight out- does the bad out weight the good and vice versa. Constantly you have to hold up the mirror and say: “Did you just say blah blah blah…”

When we are young and are starting out on the relationship path- we WANT someone to rescue us.


I admit it. It want a place to run away to without stress and strife. That first place, that white beach place eventually turns cold. Seasons change.

One can understand why people flock to the southern white sandy beaches in Florida. It is a Panacea. A cure all, and yes, there is actually a beach called “panacea.” It is gorgeous too.

That is enough rambling on for the day. The older I become the less I know.

Yesterday, whilst floating in the water, awaiting my next private lesson to arrive, I let the water talk to me. The water knows me, it buoys me. It supports my grand life wish for all people to be as comfortable resting in its liquid. I felt whole (holy) yesterday.

Enjoy the fleur-des-lis design...If you want it, pay me for it...

The heart has tiger teeth in it. You LSU know you want it.

Keep swimming, shining, singing...Love y'all!

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