Friday, May 23, 2014


Original art created a few moments ago- by Judith Parsons


My love...
(sighing smile)

Amazing, isn't it, when we are in love how much better we take care of ourselves?

It is easier to love another and take care of our bodies. We go to the gym- we work out- we dress better...all because of this other significant person in our lives.

Yet- when there is no one significant around- we lapse into not caring about our bodies- we sink back into that lazy place- of between. Or- at least I do.

I have a couple of friends who are in this place of desperation. They want to be loved soooo badly they accept crumbs. When they should be holding out for the whole glorious cake.

I admit- I did that. I accepted a compartmentalized love. I thought I could handle it. Thought I could live upon crumbs. It gets old. Oh Lordy mercy--me oh my...Waiting around for someone to love you.
Waiting for them to call.
Waiting for them to give you the time of day.

Don't do it...walk away. Turn on your heels and leave.

I didn't intend to preach. I hate people that do. And here I am doing it- God help me.

I have been looking at me lately. Trying to evaluate if I like me--I am not ready to ask myself if I love myself...So we will start slow. I am making a list. Upon one side is what I like about me- the other what I loath.
Thank goodness the like side is longer.

I am ready to access and evaluate - ready to put some time into me. Dare I say it- It is time to Love myself.

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