Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Super Powers

This blog- brought to you by: “Three pieces of art created by facebookian friends”

A poem by Perry November Gorman about a new enlightened love, Skeletor upon the back of a kitten by Shaunna Tunstall and a glorious sunset by Alma Delacruz Gossman, toooooo pretty to not show you.

I went to the you tube videos to refresh my mind. All I could recall was a muscled blond man running about with a sword. The introduction to “He-Man” brought back the memories. He introduces himself as Adam and he acquired magic powers when he found his magical sword. I love the idea of raising a sword and claiming the power of the Universe. It just makes me smile. Perhaps we all have a little warrior inside of us wanting released! (grinning) Thank you Shaunna!!!

There is much power in the written word- a form of art that secretly seeps into your mind- without you really being consciously aware of it. What a glorious magic it is!

There is a facebook post circulating –Words are powerful! (When we are learning words- it is called “spelling”) Smiling!

Perry’s poem was so lovely. It was as if I was the tail of his kite. I was riding the breeze with him- -content to relax back upon the soft sweet enlightened words.

(Perry forgive me for removing my favorites ;-) Waving)
Here are a few of the favorite lines from his poem:
“This love I know
Kneels in humble….
This love is the greatest
Teacher of lessons Learned….
This love I know shadows me beautifully…
What I once couldn’t see before, I eventually
Got to know me as me.”

The energy of his words are deish!!! It is like slipping into a warm Jacuzzi. Oh- the words soothe and heal me! Thank you Perry!

If you know me- then you know what a total nut case I am about the beach. And what a nutcase I am about the sun setting. Then to combine them both! Wooohooooo! Then I become that crazy coo coo nut crazy bird- zinging all over the place HAPPY! Thank you Alma!!! Lordy mercy woman you have the eye- for finding glorious photos!!! (grinning)

I can see myself with my hands over my head in a yoga position. My arms stretched above my head- and my palms place together. I can feel the words of Perry soothe me- trusting in his vision of love, which soothes and heals me. And I smile at the wonderful photograph of Skeltor riding the kitten.  Deep down I am that warrior Adam!

There is so much incredibleness in the world! May you resonate in the sunset of soothing Love. Have a blessed day sweet friends!


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