Sunday, May 18, 2014

Magical sacred art

I am spontaneously rambling on...

Beside these words is an original piece of art I created earlier...I used photoshop and clipping paths...I created one side of the warriors face- and the eyebrow over both eyes...It took over -and for 4 hours it drew itself. It wanted to be born- I moved out of the way and let the magic happen.

I created it with an animation in mind.
Layer by layer- clipping path by clipping path- I added the lines.

I hope my daughter see this and can tell me an easy way to animate this piece of art.


is my quest.

Authentic art comes from a magical  and ritualistic place.

Even if that art is a sunset that imprinted itself upon your mind. You were in awe long enough to take that image and save it to the memory banks of your heart and soul. You didn't have to photograph it- or paint it...You remember it. THAT process is magic- and reverent.

I love the way we are all woven together. I love the way words unravel and become threads that tie my art to you. Knots and tangles and messy colors swirling upon the screen.

Follow your bliss...DO what you love. Do it full force!! Run to it- and let it capture you--let the passion of your love whisk you away.

I wish for you all-passion...sacred magic!