Thursday, May 29, 2014

A dance of health!

Graphics created by Judith Parsons- When one cares to create the very best.
Art is life. Life is art.
 I am creating in photoshop because I do not have a studio at the moment to create sculpture in. So we do what we can- with what we have.

I have been walking around the words: “Become stronger.”

The words are animated they are female bodied letters with curves. (laughing) Tomorrow maybe I will create what they look like in my minds eye-with photoshop.

(I have to interject with a commercial for how crazy art is...there are ideas standing in my mind. All the art is giggling and laughing- nodding- waving- as it leans against the gray wall of my mind. Oh the art- how she wants to be born!)

Sorry –back to the blog at hand. (smiling) I have been humbled. I have move to San Francisco, moved out of the city and back into the city. The universe will help you become what ever it is you desire. Even if it is moving boxes all over town. (laughing)

I hesitate to continue asking this of the universe.  I would rather become stronger upon my own. Strengthening my body –mind –spirit  by honoring the work required to achieve my desired results. I am getting there!

I am looking out my window this early morning- and there is this gentleman doing his morning exercises. I am mesmerized by his movements. They are slow- precise- a dance of health.

I could follow his moves every morning- looking upon him. Copying his flowing arm movements- his careful placement of foot.  It is right there…Outside my window. Saying pay attention!

I am blessed. I am in awe of the universe. Ask and you shall receive. My spiritual quest is incredible. Every single day I am in awe of the world.

Expect miracles…they are there- ready to be scooped up.

I have a friend who told me of her mother’s dream- ages ago. (Waving at Greta!) It has stayed with me. Her eyes were sparkling, like the diamonds her mother dreamed about. People and lessons are multi-faceted diamonds!! Life is filled with glorious diamonds- waiting for you to pick them up!!!

Okay- this is starting to sound preachy. I will stop rambling. The art I created is in honor of the Trinity. In honor of the man- outside my window doing his morning exercises.  
Life is amazing!!! Keep dancing!!
Shine- smile- sing- S-O-A-R!!! Wooohoooooo!

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