Monday, May 26, 2014


God- Spirit-The universe, what ever you call the higher power is laughing at me!!

I know that I will use THIS blog as one of the most important images to reveal to my professors how I “see”.

Everything is art, art is light, and light is spirit! It is ALL connected in a wonderful connect the light dots. If we are willing to “see” it- the art will give us lessons.

The image you see, is my curtain. (It really is a sheet I rigged upon my window.)

I was upon the telephone speaking with a fabulous friend-that I have known my whole life- when the “LIGHT SNAKE” appeared…I picked up my phone and took the photo you see.

The window is open a few inches and the breeze blows slightly moving the fabric…I was astounded and in awe- because the “Light Snake” was doing this fabulous little dance for me- it was “light animation!” Oooooooh I so wish I had taken a video of it- to show you!!!

(grinning) Maybe I will catch it tomorrow for you. One “Light snake” waiting to be captured. (Please see me standing with light bag and light hook in hand. (totally laughing now.)

I know that I will show this as my mid-point review. (Waving at professors) I have been settling into who I am as an artist. I believe there is a dimension of light/shadow art waiting to be born! I totally believe art theorist, Walter Benjamin as he believes art comes from a “sacred ritualist place!!!.”

Michael Foucault believed one must investigate the systems, or schemes of knowledge. Jaques Derrida also supported that language changes upon its context.

The Native American way of  life believe that God will speak you to you in what ever way you are ready to learn. For them the lessons are in animals. The book “Medicine Cards” written by Jamie Sams and David Carson is a guide I use to learn these lessons.

The light snake crossed my path this morning. It has been crossing my daughter’s path recently too! (smiling-waving) The snake means:  “Transmutation.”

The lesson is about life-death-rebirth cycle. The shedding of the skin exemplifies this. “It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is knowledge that all things are equal in creation…”  (Sam and Carson, p.61)

Art is life, art reflects life, life reflects art and life is art. Art is waiting to be “seen”.

Woooohoooooooo!!! A glorious day indeed!

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