Saturday, May 10, 2014

You are art!

A choice- to treat your body like art!

It is all about choices.  There are so many choices. Choices to care about yourself, to give yourself time, to honor your self or to not care about self at all. People notice when you honor yourself.

I worked with a gentleman, a sales representative, that drove a very expensive car. He felt he was worth it and he felt people saw him drive up in his expensive car and they figured he was doing something right- and they wanted to invest in his product.

I am not saying you need an expensive car. However, I am saying that your body can be the package you present to the world.
In San Francisco, most of the people walking down town “have a look.” They do not wear shabby clothing-and they have a quality about them- that says- “I take care of myself.” (Smiling sigh)

There is an artist look, I am taking it in- and starting to see how other artist dress and carry them selves. It is a process, finding one’s look. Creating your look.
As my daughter told me-“Mom, treat your body like a piece of art.”

I am doing that.

I have found a pool across the street, the mermaid in me- is happy!!! The YMCA is back in my life- I am better swimming. I am stronger with water in my life!
Perhaps I am a flying fish…(grinning)
Soaring-submerging-smiling- shining-singing….
Love you all!


  1. Wonderful your insights !

  2. Your look comes from within. Once you are at peace with yourself the look will shine through.
    I love your look!