Monday, May 12, 2014

One Fish, Two Fish...Blue Fish

I am finishing up a year learning who I am as an artist. I started blogging to record the process of birthing art. (smiling and shaking head at this screen) I have learned that I love how complicated the process of art is. Yet, it isn’t complicated at all.
It is the ultimate paradox.

Letting it be born as its authentic magical and spiritual creation- is the tricky part.

I see a trend in the colors I use. The blues and blacks hues. The blues of New Orleans Jazz, the blues of the Blue Dog, the blues of a woman striking out upon her own—looking outside of herself to find what is inside herself.
I imagine my skeleton would be blue in color, like the ocean, with swirls of sunset golden reflections.

Remember Dr. Suess’s, his book: “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish- Blue Fish?” I loved Dr. Suess, I loved his blue fish. I also loved the page where he talks about people standing around “waiting.” I have learned I am not a patient person. I don’t do “waiting”- very well. I couldn’t even wait upon my children to call me on Mother’s day. I figured I’d go ahead and ring them, and not wait about for them to ring.
Hearing their voices and laughing with them was the perfect gift.  I need to ring them regularly to hear their smiles.

I live right next to a magnificent woman, that smiles all the time. We don’t speak the same language. We are still dealing with smiling and nodding and trying to find a place of familiarity. We use new media technology to assist in communicating. I look forward to learning about her culture and life.We really are blessed to live in this day and age!

She gave me a bag of tea. We discussed how to brew it. (sighing) I am not sure what she was saying. She was trying to tell me how many times I could use the tea. (I think.) One spoonful can be used a couple of times? (Any help in this regard is welcome)

As much as I love the heck out of sculpture- creating graphics is in my bones. It can't be helped.
I created the art, just for this blog.

Four years ago, I played with pool images. My daughter and I floated and played about and we took photos of one another. I took my photo image and used the smudge tool and created that strange fish sort of shape.

There it is.

Am I floating in tea? Am I swimming in the blues of a ocean I long to have? Am I drinking in the blues of life- and learning lessons? Hmmm…I could keep guessing at what it means. Perhaps you might have a clue?

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