Thursday, May 22, 2014


Last year I took a art class with a man who has light wings! You know the type of person I am talking about. They almost walk upon their tippy toes- they have a bounce to their step. They fly so high upon happiness they rise above the muck and mundane mess of reality. They refuse to get sucked into the negativity.

That is what makes him: “A REAL artist.”

I know- Pinnocchio, the wooden puppet becoming a real boy comes to mind. (grinning) Joel has a certain na├»ve charm about him. Oh, I so hope- the harshness of life doesn’t wear it away. I think- I used to be like that. Maybe that is the core element to being an artist- having that inner child like wonder.

This gentleman’s name is Joel Ford, sadly- he does not have a web page yet- most of us are working on that aspect. You can follow him via facebook!! I imagine he would be more than happy to include you upon his friends list.

 You see the glorious photograph displaying his charm. He is like that all the time! He smiles easily and genuinely. I couldn’t help but grin and smile when I saw his profile photo. We used to call moments like these: “Kodak” moments.  What a photograph! Esmeralda Ruiz captured this magical moment in time!! Thank you Dear.

I asked Joel why he felt he needed to acquire his masters degree. (His illustrations and three dimensional characters are off the charts insane good!!!) He said he needed to prove to himself and to his family members that he could do this. No one else in his family had acquired a master’s degree.

He said: “I wanted to take charge of the opportunities life gave me to make my life better now and for the future.” BRAVO!!! Job well done Joel!!! (standing ovation)

Stay connected to the people across the room that smile and laugh! I expect great things from this artist! Follow him!  I will be following him! I imagine him creating incredible three dimensional characters- bringing the impossible to life.

Congratulations Joel!! It is an incredible accomplishment! Securing a MFA- Masters in Fine Art!!!! Woooohoooooo!!!


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