Monday, May 5, 2014

Self actualization!

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and metamotivation theory is an all time favorite for living. It is a great measuring tool to use as we age. According to Wikipedia;
“The most fundamental and basic four layers of the pyramid contain what Maslow called ‘deficiency needs’: esteem, friendship and love, security and physical needs. If these needs are not met then the person will feel anxious and tense.”
Once those above needs are met then “self actualization” takes place and thus “a path called growth motivation” is taken.
“Driven by Metamotivation people are more spontaneous and free to be themselves, while exploring their ultimate potentials and creating a fulfilling life.”

Agree to disagree and move on from the misunderstanding. Life is too short to live life in a static environment. Find a tribe of people that understand you and live with them. Find people you can say:”Goodmorning” too and they will respond and reciprocate.

I will always remember a friend, James, who worked at kinkos with me years ago. He was discussing anger. He said holding upon anger is like holding a piece of wood against the wall. Eventually your arm gets tired and you got to let it go.
(smiling sigh) Just let it go.

I wish for all a self actualized life, where benevolence and serenity reside.

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