Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fish=Trinity=Body/Mind/Spirit= Past/Present/Future

Original art- created a few minutes ago- by Judith Parsons.
2014(copyright pending ) Contact if interest in art.
Just for today, I have mastered slowing the river… Okay. Scratch that- it is too lofty. 
How about:  I am floating easily upon the river now.
(Smiling sigh)
That works.

I have turned a bend in the river. It has taken a while for the energy to settle back to its even flow. When school is in session I find my days consumed with art. It will not let me leave it. She (Art) is a mistress that demands much from me. And I am all too willing to submit. I demand much from her- and I am constantly pushing her to the extreme. Such is the life of an artist.

The wisdom of accepting the energy ebb and flow combined with facing my fears and adding upon the medicine lessons of animals crossing my path, I have created my own perfect Trinity. (At least for now)

There are folks who have me (my art) in their house. And I have been remiss about keeping up with them. There is no excuse for that. Pure laziness. I am waving at you. I am wondering if you are reading this- I am hopeful you see my energy. I have not forgotten my babies. My art that I created ages ago.

I cradle you and the arts energy in my arms. I snuggly hug you and hope you still smile at the art. I hope you still love it.

I am facing the tuna poisoning issue. My art is asking that I deal with it. THIS is a very disturbing place for me. However, I wanted to forewarn you- that my art is turning toward the fish symbol- and all that it means to me.

Fish = God
Fish= God= Trinity
Fish=God=Trinity=Steps upward
Fish=God=Trinity= Steps=Enlightenment
Fish= Me=Mermaid

New art will address these issues.
Please keep the world in your prayers- the world MUST stop the radiation leak.
We need to ALL join together to live together.

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