Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou has died at 86, prolific American author, poet and civil rights activist. There is a huge energy gap that she has left upon earth. She is the kind of person that you see as a forever soul. She is too strong a spirit to die. (sighing)

One of my favorite stories about her is how she wanted to work on the San Francisco trolley street car. This was a time when black women weren’t hired. However she was not deterred at all. She was determined to get the job, she sat outside the mans office for two weeks. Eventually the man hired her. A tenacious young woman.  I love everything about her.

My friend TJ Bozeman wrote a great tribute:

The world lost a voice today
A voice for civil rights
A voice for women
A voice for our humanity.
She gave us hope
and understanding.
She believed in wisdom
and passing it on 
and down to those
we raise.
She taught us
that knowledge doesn't 
always come a school
or organized learning
but from life.
She showed us 
that life can be ugly 
and brutal
but beautiful too.
She was grace
and beauty
and a woman with class.
She was a lady.
She wrote words
that touch our hearts 
and moved our souls.
Now she is at rest
but she is someone who
will never be forgotten.
Her words will live on
She will live on.
Thank you
Dr. Maya Angelou
American Author-Poet
tj bozeman 5/28/2014

Thank you Tj!! Beautiful!

I imagine they have trolley cars in heaven!

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