Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time Memory

Original art created by Judith Parsons!! Just a few moments ago!!
Feel free to contact me - if you need a photoshop Queen!
Mr. Time is an amazing entity!

Ooooooo how he swiftly moves and swirls and gulps away the day when good memories are being made!

Anita (waving) and I were discussing the phenomenal energy of time. When I am doing art- lost in it- hours go by in a blink of an eye.

It is most disconcerting to the ones waiting on a telephone call. When we are doing something we LOVE- we look up and say: "Oh My God- Where did the time go?"

Mr. Time laughs and chuckles. He has had his arm around our waist and has been dancing around the room with us.

Isn't that interesting- the word- waist. Maybe when the word was invented- whomever invented it- Knew I would write this blog. (grinning) Mr. Time swirls us about when we are in our element. All the other "things" etc...are wasted energies.

I have a ka-trillion marvelous memories. Sailing with soul sisters and laughing our asses off! Getting stuck in the sand bar- when one certain friend (waving- you know who you are) I made the girls go jump up and down on the bow to help rock the keel. WhewWeee that was a glorious memory!!!

Howling at the moon, while sitting around a bon fire. Blue duck nights with my adopted families! Ooooh how I miss those candle lit nights! How I miss gazing into the fire and settling with loved one. Walking along the woods, picking up branches and marveling at the beauty!!

Mr. Time shows up when we are making Divine memories!! LIVE fully in those memories!! Taste them with ALL of your senses!! Let Mr. Time take you in his arms- and swirl you about on the dance floor of life. Oooooo I so Love a man who can dance!!!


Soaring beside you all!

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