Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Strong back

This is the half muscle-half skeleton
sculpture from Ecorche.
Yesterday I finished my  first semester at Academy of the Arts University. I was blind but now I see. I created incredible art, and for the first time sculpted a torso that I believed in. She was strong- and sturdy and had a glorious back.

You might have noticed I write and talk about strong backs. I associate strong backs with power, courage and strength.
The was you carry yourself with head erect, shoulders back and a straight elongates back says VOLUMES about your attitude.

You have seen people with caved in chest, they walk with their chin hung down. They look lost, miserable and sad. Be aware of your posture. Pull those shoulders back and be proud of who you are.
(Smiling sigh)
The spine is an intricate amazing glorious creation.  It is a puzzle that fits magnificently into itself. I am forever in awe of the disc and the form fitting perfection. A delicate puzzle for sure.

My “vision” has changed in the last four months. I thought I had pretty good eyesight, however, I was wrong. After handling the clay, the bones and the muscles, after spending tons of hours with dental tools to create the perfect spine and body. I now “see” and know the form from touching every bone and muscle. I know where there is a dimple and where there are pelvic curves. I stand brushing my teeth in the morning and see the planes of my face. I am ready now to start learning who I am- I am ready to draw and sculpt my face.
(slow sigh)
It used to scare me. Heck! Lots of things used to scare me. 

Now, I sigh. I am content. I took the hardest class first. And all my friends, Joel, Rory, Nina, and Aaron ay they wish they had taken this first, as it has helped tremendously in all their other classes! Now I trust that all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into glorious place. I stand up straight and tall and grin!!! I am becoming me!! Woohooooo!!! Then I do a little wild Steve Martin dance around the room!! (Grinning for ear -to-ear)

Thank you wonderful Professors!!! I can not thank you enough for your wisdom!!

Let the season begin!! Woohoooo!!! I am singing and dancing to Portland!! Life is grand!!

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