Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Today I rang away the year. 

My Beloved Reiki Priestess, Anita suggested we start the new year off right by joining in a long standing Japanese tradition. Once a year, the Asian Art Museum lets guest strike a giant temple bell, 2,100 pound bell which leaves behind any unfortunate or regrettable experiences.

We rang the bell and went to have lunch.
I looked at my Beloved across the table and said:

There are thoughts
That float
Upon Leaves

Of the water
Of your mind

There are thoughts
Like silt
That slowly

Filter to the
bottom ocean
Of your mind

Then there are people
Who are
the leaves

That help hold the thoughts
That make you

I must thank Anita for holding me together. I have changed sooo many times in the past year that my life is a blur! I also want to Thank my sister Lynn, she astounds me with her wisdom! She is an angel! She has kept me laughing when I felt like crying! I am blessed to have such incredible family!

I have many regrets. I left many things broken and torn asunder. There is no way to leave – one must turn on ones heel and walk toward the door promising more growth.

The bottom line is simple: TREAT others the way you want to be treated.

I will do better in the New Year.

I hug each and every one of you! 

I hold you close and I cherish the light and love from your eyes. I believe in “US”- as we weave one another closer. Becoming stronger each day as we support, love and challenge one another.

There is no fear- no anger. It is the past. It serves no purpose.

It is time.
Time to take FULL responsibility for who you are –NOW.

It is a scary place to stand- and at the same time incredible exhilarating- to know you can SOAR! WOW!! Just wow!!!

No one- but you can make –you happy.
If you work hard you will succeed.
If you believe in your dreams- they WILL come true.
IF you persist- AND ALWAYS work toward your dream – THEN YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!

 I believe in each and every one of you!

May we all be healthy! May we flourish and be abundant!
May we not take any of it for granted!

I love you!


(I just read this to Anita- and she said: "Be gentle with yourself- don't beat yourself up!" God knows I love her!)

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