Sunday, December 15, 2013


Yesterday I went to Sabbath, I saw a fabulous group of children sing their hearts out. It reminded me of a past life, now- many life times ago. This morning I read the testimony of a friend who is battling cancer. He is so ill so tired and wants to stop the pain. The children and the friend are angels!

They remind us to live fully. And the BEST way to LIVE is to heal others. We make a cycle of love and light and it flows out and ripples back to us.
Let us all be angels for one another.
Today let us all heal one another.

Thank you Eric (waving) for suggesting church and then giving me a ride.  It was a fabulous day at church. I was home. I felt loved by your friends- I felt welcomed back into the flock. (grin)

We all soar- we all have wings- we are all angels.

Imagine your energy- the tingling running down your legs now- “see” it as a glowing light, let us all joining hands and let that light weave into a huge nest. All of us are in that nest- we all ALL one- as we become the nest of pulsing wonderful healing light- It soothes the aching muscles and cures the ailments.

Let us weave this magic and be the nest of love and support for one another.
(Jens Walter) I am waving- and look forward to the day you are strong- and we will laugh and think back to when this day was many life times ago.

Thank you for your brutal honest truth. For having the courage to write your journey so we all can LIVE!! Let us take the bull by the horns and life live with every fiber of our being!!!

Woohooooo!!! Life is incredible. With love we can all heal.

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