Saturday, December 7, 2013

Forever Soul Art

Friends posted 2 separate posts that relate and leave me in awe. We are all soulfully connected!

Yesterday, Michael McKnight (waving) posted the words below. The words became a person and sat down with me- and followed me around. Asking me to ponder the intensity of the poetry.

“When your soul and mine
have left our bodies and we are
buried alongside each other,
a Potter may one day mould
the dust of both of us
into the same clay.”
--Omar Khayyam

I stood in the shower- the water letting the energy settle upon those words.

Being a sculptress now, I understand these words from an enlightened perspective. The words astounded me. Left me in awe.

How incredible a gift would that be? To take someone’s ashes and create art for the loved ones left behind? A daunting task. A personal incredible process to create one piece of art that holds the last part of your loved one.

Perhaps the ashes should be made into many angel wing ornaments and sent to the loved ones left behind. (grinning)

A bust created capturing the spirit and incredible energy of a loved one- THAT would be an ideal piece of art to make.  A beautiful piece of art with the last particles of that person forever encapsulated into clay. THEN it is fired and last forever, as that new form.

I was scrolling through facebook and KayMarie (waving) had a post with the photo you see above. 

Yesterday, Professor Margaret Keelan (waving) said the thing she loved most about clay is its sustainability after it is fired. Think about this. Most things- decompose. Clay, after it is fired to its highest temperature, is permanent. It can be broken, yes indeed. However, it stays in that shape.  There is a permanence about clay.

Archeologist spend their lives searching for fragments of a past. Shards of clay to give them a peek into what was. I find the idea of creating something much more valuable now. As an artist I am thinking “soulfully” about the art I make now. What will some archeologist say when he picks up the pieces of my art?

I can see him, in my minds eye… Holding my winged woman- and admiring her shape- the details of her wings, and see his smile. (smiling) I LOVE art!

Sing and swing your hips!! (grinning) Thats right- thats right! I can see you smiling!!! FEEL alive- feel the tingling energy running up your spine! Now turn on the music and dance!!!!

P.S.-Mark, everything is ok. No worries. (hugging you tight)

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