Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Young at heart

Yesterday was a fabulous day-I was young at heart!  My heart was soaring and skipping along! I got a great critique upon my sculpture and I got to skype with my children last night! (smiling sigh)

I didn’t know how much I missed my babies until I saw them last night. It took a lot to not cry. I was sooo happy!! My  daughter had just had her molars pulled and was recovering and I was relieved to see her. And as I mentioned in my yesterdays blog- it was my son’s birthday!

It was a nice surprise to see them both! We should do it weekly! (grinning)

I am sooo thankful for the people that look over and after my children. Margaret has the best friend- Star, (Waving) who has been helping Margaret heal from her mouth surgery. Thank you Star, I was worried sick about Marg, and you have been an incredible friend and nurse! Rost and Tanya- thank you sweet hearts- I can not thank you enough for loving on David and caring for him. (hugging you all!)

Above you see me trying to hug my sculpture. My art is what keeps me going here! I am in LOVE with creating art! I have learned sooo much about "seeing". Who knew you could relearn to see? Or even to "see" for the first time? Once you see- you can not un-see. (grinning)

Lawrence said: "Be gentle, yet firm with the clay. Do not maul it." He made me laugh about the Beatles. He said- when the musicians would come back to there mansion with their dates, what music would they play? He makes us think and ponder the larger "picture." It is a joy to hang out and learn art with the maestro artist Professor Noble.

Today is ecorche!! I love the body!! I am in love with the body and the beauty of how well put together it astounds me.

I feel like a little kid. You might have played in a stream as a kid, trying to build mud damns or stick damns to control the flow of the water. Think back to those “wonderful world of wow” moments (waving at Anita) and let those memories remind you of those simple wonders. How happy playing in the mud made you feel.

That’s me! Everyday I get up thinking wonderful thoughts about creating incredible art! I get to play with mud everyday!

One day, I will have an art healing center, where you can come and lay in the mud with me. We WILL heal ourselves with the mud- becoming young again at heart- with LOVE!

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