Monday, December 9, 2013


Today is a special little Reiki priestess’s birthday. I sing happy birthday to you. Lighting candles and cheering you on. You are an amazing woman, Anita.

You are beautiful!!
You have this incredible fortitude. You stand straight, you have a presence of dignity, you are quietly taking in ALL that surrounds you and you have a twinkle in your eye. You wait until every body is gone to show me your truest self. As not every one is privy to how passionate and wild you are.

I am blessed to be the one you let your walls down for.  (grinning)

You have taught me so much about love and  living. About how to quiet the static of noise, to go under water to listen to the higher voice. I would not be where I am today- without you constant love and support! You keep your hand upon my lower back- supporting and loving me, pushing me forward.

I will never ever forget the conversation we had when you said:
“You have the ability to slow you river.”
It transformed me! You transformed me! In that moment, I knew I was dealing with a magical weaver of light, a woman that knows how to make her life what she wants- when she wants!

Life has been insane! I feel like we have lived 20 lives- in the time we met. I admit, we got caught up in the rapids of life. The rapids are slowing, we are now able to relax. We are now at a place where we can float, heal, and rest in these magnificent waters of love.

I publicly declare my love for you Anita. I can not imagine living with out you. Thank you my little magical mystical woman of wonderful love and light. I look forward to growing very strong with you as we skip along the path- like Neil Armstrong did- as he landed upon the moon.

Our life will BE that free! Woooohoooo!!!

Happy Birthday My Sweet Beloved Anita!! 

There is soooo much life to live- beside you!!! (pulling you into my arms for a HUGE swaying- swirling hug!) God knows- I love you!

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