Monday, December 2, 2013


I birthed the most magnificent art-my son, David.

Today is my son’s birthday. I still remember the birth. I won’t make you read through the gory details. (laughing)
But LORDY mercy!!! He was a huge baby!! I about bled to death having him! (all moms say that)
David ask your dad- I fainted in his arms- thinking I could just get up and go to the toilet.
Back to my son...
He came out with his fist in the air- like he was ready to get into a boxing ring and kick some booty! (grinning) 
I do recall there being a telephone in the delivery room and we talked to my husbands parents and I thought- LORDY this baby is big enough to carry 2 middle names!

He is smart as can be, all numbers sing and dance for him- like LIFE is one big number party. I am in awe of his scientific mind! He is a big sweet teddy bear of a love. He stands tall, like a majestic red wood, an incredible strength of endurance.

Dave, you have been all over the place, moved like a richochet rabbit all over the United States and lived through hurricane Katrina. Everything has made you stronger.
Keep singing!! Oh- reader- did I mention- he has a fabulous voice?!

 Happy Birthday Sweet Love!!

I am proud of you and how incredible you are!  

You shall flourish and be abundant.
You shall live to be a healthy strong (and young at heart) man.
You shall make your dreams come true.
Because you are- that kind of dude.

You see it, you believe it, then you keep at it- until you achieve it!!

You are the most persistent person I know. And you know the saying: (“Persistence is omnipotent.”)

I am pulling you into my arms for huge swaying hug!

I love you David! May all your birthday candle wishes come true!

Your crazy mom...

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