Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Hand of NOAA

Now I am visiting my daughter in Portland for Christmas. My son is visiting and I admit I miss my ex-husband. (sigh) It is not complete without him. However, life moves on, we all move on and we live and we learn.

I was astounded when I cam upon the huge sculpture down town. It is called “Portlandia” it is by the artist  Raymond Kaskey. It is the second largest statue in the United States-after the Statue of Liberty. It is 34 feet tall. Wow!

He also created this incredible piece: “The Hand of NOAA” Wow!! We are all more connected than we know. I am not sure if I will ever create art as magnificent as Mr. Kaskey- however, I sure would love to try!
Standing at the bus stop, I noticed these little circles laying upon the sidewalk. It looks as if someone’s necklace broke, and the chain was walked upon leaving these random links.

I walked around and found 8 little pieces. Like a crow who likes shiny objects, I kept walking around feeling that eight wanted to be found. 8- turned upon its side the infinity symbol. Eight a special number to be sure. 5 children in my family, 2 represent my parents and one represents my grand mother.

Just rambling thoughts, connecting to you and wishing you some peace this season. I wish divine serenity to you all. It is a choice to wrap yourself in loving thoughts. Be gentle with yourself. Sip a warm beverage and smile. Let the warmth of that smile spread through out your back, shoulders and spine.

Feel my arms hugging you. A sixty second hug, feel my hands stroking your back, and know you are loved.

Enjoy the holiday. What ever your beliefs are. Take the time to wrap yourself in a hug. You are loved. (smiling sigh) We are all one Love!

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