Monday, December 9, 2013

Love Glass!

Yesterday was a tremendous day for me! I moved the next floor up in my enlightened transcending art being born journey!! Wooohoooo!! I love glass!!!

I fired glass and clay successfully- with out a safety net- so to speak. Usually I use a special coated paper underneath my art. I couldn’t use it.

As I was loading the kiln- the professor asked me if the paper would smoke. I wasn’t sure, because when I fired it in my studio- I really never hung about. The fear that it might smoke- and might set off the fire alarms and sprinklers, was enough to keep me from using the paper.

So, I gulped it down, only put a few pieces in the kiln and laid sand underneath the pieces- as a protection. I was not sure how the firing of the glass would go. I had one chance to get this right- and this was it.

I had read every note I had made concerning my glass firings. And I felt pretty comfortable that the temperature was correct. I was pretty sure the sand would protect the shelves. I was pretty sure everything would be fine.

However, there was that 1 percent of uncertainty that can drive a man to drink! Ugh! I was nervous and anxious. I left a note upon the kiln- to not open until Sunday. The glass needs to s-l-o-w-l-y cool down. I stayed away from the school Sat. to let the glass anneal. Then rushed over on Sunday to see what the kiln Goddess had birthed.

Wooohoooooo!!! It was perfect!! 

I danced around the kiln room- spinning in circles of delight! Pumping my fist in the air!! All those firings in my studio – all those notes- all that time spent combining glass and clay- PAID OFF!!!

The photo you see here- is my “Imagine Dragon” piece. There is a music group called “Imagine Dragons” perhaps one of you know the musicians- and they might want to purchase this art! (laughing)

The clear glass just started melting through the spine…the underbelly is filled with colorful lava melted glass.

I am thrilled!! The Kiln Goddess was sweet to me- I am pretty sure- she loves me! (grinning)