Sunday, December 22, 2013

Margaret Parsons

Art by Margaret Parsons. Her art is just as intriguing as she is- a rich
depth of color and flowing fluidity- Beautiful- like her!
My daughter has been nice enough to invite me into her world. She is sharing her bed, her home and her friends with me. 

Yesterday I got a glimpse of her at her work, all dressed in black. She is an elegant woman. I am in awe of her, she commands attention when she walks into a room. People smile and say “Hello Margaret!” She radiates happiness! I am blessed to have this magical woman as my daughter!

Can you see me grinning from ear to ear?

I am a firm believer in things crossing our path when we are ready to learn from that object. God, or the Universe, of whatever or whomever you believe, weaves these lessons for you- is waiting for you to dream, sing and read to find your passion.

If you are a dreamer, then chances are you will dream about things that excite you and give you “ah –ha” moments. If you are a lover of music then chances are a song will play on the radio, that brings to you a new thought, that will take you the next step along your journey. Or if you are a reader then you will stumble across words that become birds and uplift you into the stratosphere of enlightenment.

I have picked up a book from beside my daughter’s bed. And I admit, sheepishly, I am skimming her words, I am interested in what she felt was important enough to underline.

My children know I blurt out my thoughts, I say whatever comes to mind and do not apologize anymore for me. I have no fear anymore about words or what I am or what I am lacking. I am finally getting to that place of not needing to justify myself to anyone. The most important person (I am happy to report) that I am not justifying myself to- is MYSELF.

I have Anita Boyle, a Reiki master to thank for that. She has endlessly coached me about “being gentle with myself”. She has giving me affirmations so when I look in the mirror I smile at myself- verses the earlier scolding of self. Thank you Anita, for "getting me" and helping me learn to love myself.

The book beside Margaret's bed is deep, it asks lots of questions about learning, love and what is the purpose of life. As I skim the words- I smile at my daughter’s under lined words: “look in the mirror, just observe what you are and move on”.

I am in awe of my daughter, she is so mature and centered. She is the eye of the storm- the quiet place of knowing. The vortex. She has no idea what energy she spins about her, she is passionate about her art, her life her path. I could not be more proud of her!!!
She smiles, she nods, her eyes sparkle and she is one incredible young lady!!

Can we all agree on one simple statement: There is no need to justify anything to anybody.

Period. The end. The person you have to make happy is you. That’s it. (grinning and pulling you into a huge hug)

Do what makes your heart happy.
Seeing you smile- makes me happy.

I love you!

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