Thursday, April 21, 2016


Expect Miracles

Morning Sweet Luvs!

Yesterday was a huge day to get past. I have turned a corner…and have “lift off”.

We all want to soar, to feel the wind in our hair…to be doing our passion.

I am one of the lucky ones…I took a huge chance and leaped back into art school. Yep, I will have debt, but you know what, I AM WORTH it.
And so are you!! 

There WILL be an art school for mid-life aged folks to attend. And their will be scholarships for people who are over 31 years of age. Yep, we do not age discriminate…like some national art societies do.

Yes, I love the computer and all the Adobe software that makes designing perfect. However, there is much to be said for creating something that one can touch and feel.

You will become stronger as you create art. It happens when you least expect it. Your arms start having biceps, your legs that trembled after 8 hours of standing somehow can go 12 hours standing. Your hands will become muscled. No scrawny fingers.


You will tire of the desk job, you will tire of sitting all day at a computer screen and your body will YELL: “I want to create with mud!”

And then you will soar.

I love you all for reading my blog, for following my art journey. I have a year left to get my ducks in a row…to find land for an art school and find funding for my art school. I have artists and an architect interested in collaborating.

WE are soaring…Loving that feeling of the wind in our hair…That same feeling of heading out of town to your vacation location…the holiday becomes real life. Passionate art is calling!

Rambling about my love..heading to school! The photo above is me. White haired. See? I am past 50 years and going strong! The graphic I created in photoshop...playing. Life and creating is playing!!

Come play with me!!

Life is amazing!! Believe in your dreams! Expect miracles!

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