Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Italy will wait.

I adore arches and boats.  I was excited about seeing Italy, the arches and the boats.

I love the way the arch is a boat...(smiling) See it?

I have figured it out...I have decided exactly what the arch and the boat are to me. As I am the third element... Me, the ampersand.

My personal "Trinity".

The arches are my sacred geometry God space, I adore architecture, studied it as my focus as an undergrad.

The boat, well...the boat is me. It transports folks from one place along the watery rivers to another port.

My daughter Margaret, always pushed me to create me. She hit the bullseye with that suggestion. Going back to art school as a middle aged woman was proving to myself that I still could create and magically produce incredible art.

I love figuring out how things work, I am thrilled with the new laser digital class!! I am learning how to shape and bend acrylic. I am using it to make a really awesome sculpture now.

I know what I will be drawing for next semesters art project. It will be involved and very complex.

Like me...it has multiple facets. I am complicated. Sure I could be more fit and more this or more that. However, I am learning to "own" me, or to like me...Warts and all.

Italy…will have to wait.

I am sad and disappointed that the class I was all excited about taking, is not being offered because of low enrollment. (sighing)

One keeps paddling, or swimming, or pushing the boat along the river of life. It is what one does. All-in-all…it has CHANGED my whole year…Instead of finishing my course work in December, I have 6 more months in school.
Adjust…change…keep flowing.

It gives me more time to create a fabulous business plan and get all of you on board. (grinning) There is no time to dilly dally. There is work that needs to be done, art work that needs to be finished.

We keep swimming, soaring, shining…We keep doing the best we know. It is all we can do.

Please do what ever you want to do, with p-a-s-s-i-o-n!!!
Have a fabulous day sweet Luvs!!

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