Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Photograph by Louis McNally 2017
We are all more connected than we know. If you have heard me say it once, then you’ve heard me say it a million times. I believe in the messages God gives us. 
Today the message was the messenger. The hawk is the messenger from “Medicine Cards” by Sans and Carson.

Louis McNally took this incredible photograph of the hawk. I played around with it in Illustrator and photoshop enough to leave it as its original photograph. I present to you the messenger.

The messenger flies between heaven and earth, the angel of lessons for us to learn. 
The lesson of love is the hardest to learn. A family member passed yesterday. He was always smiling. I remember him as a strong young man, our families spent summers together. He taught my sisters and brothers how to ski. He was a blast to be with always grinning and happy!

There was one amazing memory that happened on summer. I was watching him get upon his skis and stand up, when a huge 25 foot wide sting-a-ray burst out of the water between the boat and his skis. Both of our mouths dropped opened and our jaws were upon our chest. I am still amazed he help upon the ski rope. To this day I think of that as our memory. “Like, holy moly did you just see that?”

Louis took the photograph of an angel messenger. Thank you for reminding us of angels.

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