Friday, June 3, 2016


Original art created especially for this blog.
Art by Judith Parsons 2016
A week of heaven came into my life. A week where I got teary eyed every morning because of the energy I shared with my children. They have grown into excellent souls. They are wise beyond their years and have a glorious sense of humor! 

I am flying into the sun and stars with incredible love for my children.

Personally, the best situation in life is to have a true friend upon either side of you as you walk your journey in life. Yep, not just one, but two people. You have heard it from me before, and I will reiterate it again and again. 

We all stumble and fall. And it sure is a lot easier carrying another person with assistance. 

The perfect “Trinity”. My children are my first Trinity. Beside me they support and softly push me forward. They know how totally stubborn I can be, and they are nice enough to laugh with me about it. 

In the blink of an eye, the children that stressed you out because they were slobs grow up and leave the nest. Looking toward the horizon you want them to go and learn and experience the world. And every blue moon they come home to the nest and they wrap their warm strong arms around you and you KNOW everything is perfect.

The wheres, or whens, or what of the future really doesn’t matter. We are all going to get where we need to be, and where we want to be when the time is right.

Enjoy your Trinity. Enjoy the two people who walk beside you, and who soar beside you.


Sailing!!! Unfurled….

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