Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Going back

Graphic created by Judith Parsons Art 2017

I glanced in the mirror at my body. The highest part of me is holding the corners of my shoulders up, sort of like a pair of red long johns with a butt flap. She is trying to elongate my shape and pull my shoulders back. Like- here you go, just jump into this shell of yourself and you are good to go.

I love that my imagination is so confident. As I sat down to ramble on about my body quest, this image of the fabric of me, hung up like a long john, waiting upon my entry was NOT apart of the dialogue. However, now that I think about it.

It is everything.

My highest self is waiting for me to jump in, to show up in my body! (grinning at the image) Last night I faced my fears, I had to swim a ton of laps, dive into the deep end retrieve a heavy brick, tread with heavy brick and do other deep end pool exercises.

I was nervous. As I was swimming, I kept telling myself, “Girl, THIS is what you are. THIS is who you are. YOU have this.” As I swam, I felt the rhythm of myself take over, the lil mermaid was finally showing up to be the REAL mermaid.

I, she and me came full circle last night. We decided to become stronger and healthier. It was time for the body part of my trinity to be filled up. Working a job that keeps me moving and swimming is the only way I will be true to my body. 

I have a dark side, the lazy side, that loves her bed. And I am finally aware enough to know my way around that fact. Work at a place that makes me live life full on. I am certifying again as a lifeguard. I might be the oldest lifeguard out there! 

Last night, I padded myself upon the back. The mind and spirit of me embraced the body of me. Finally, the 3 parts becoming one. Life is great, don’t let your fears keep you in your bed. Go back, find the happiest you and do it all again. 

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