Sunday, October 22, 2017

Devoted Body 1- Quest begins!

Art created especially for this blog by a one-of-a-kind artist!
Judith Parsons Art -San Francisco 2017
Something clicked when I decided to devote myself to my body. I am trying to understand it, enjoy it, not think about it too much. But, who am I kidding? It amazes me that the process of wanting to be more, wanting to finally change and become more disciplined “clicked”.

After finishing my graduate degree in fine art, you’d think I might rush into Adobe or head over to my school to ask for a job. Sure, I do something very precise with art, I know how to create 3 dimensional puzzle piece sculptures as well as the traditional sorts of sculpture art with leather, clay, and metal. However, making art wasn’t my main concern.

My main concern is growing into a healthy fit 100 year old woman. 

Yes, I want to be the woman that walks into the room, (like Jane Fonda who is 80) and have people wonder, "um, she can't be 100 years old!!!"

I want to be strong for my future.

So this is how I started this quest, I have only been on it for 3 weeks. I am not drinking alcoholic  beverages, too much sugar and I am tired of the foggy non present state of it. 

I am trying to cook for myself. Trying to stay away from pasta and noodles, but truth be told, the dried noodles that take only 3 minutes to boil really are the best for a quick dinner when my body is starving for something fast.

I have been swimming at least 20 minutes every other day. Most days I swim 30 minutes. Whilst I swim I am very aware of the legs kicking and toes pointing. I am very aware of stretching my arm extra long as to stretch my muscles along my ribs down the side of my body.

(A swim magic tip: POINTING your toes really helps your whole leg kick more efficiently!! And your calf muscles look really good too!)

Join me at the Chinatown YMCA pool!! Ask for Judith to give you private lessons! We can assess and evaluate your needs as an adult. DO you want to be able to swim a mile in an hour? 

Swimming is the one sport where you use legs and arms all at the same time. Swimming isn’t for everyone — It is exhausting at first. Swimming WORKS your body!

The art will be made because I can’t help but create and MAKE. However, I know the lazy side of me. I know if I don’t do what makes me healthy as a job- then I will become a big lazy slug that has no chance at reaching 100 years old.

I started the art by creating a pattern in illustrator-using the words:”Devote to my body.” I connected the t of the word devote to the D of the word body, creating a cross. As this is my divine mission now. I placed the pattern inside s woman shape I created. She is sturdy, like me. And she represents a strong body. 

We are all more connected than we know. Energy is a REAL thing. I wish for you the strength to move today. I send healing love and light to you so you might stretch your muscles and stand tall and say: “I am strong.”

Please grow older with me. I do believe we WILL meet. I do believe in prayers and magic and YOU!

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