Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cindy you are a ladder

Playing in illustrator and photoshop!
Original art created especially for this blog by
Judith Parsons Art. 2017. 
I love ladders and stairways. They provide us transportation upward. It is the same reason I love education. I believe in academia as the way upward out of your messy life. I believed in it enough to seek out a college in my Louisiana town. And yet again in California.

I had a 4 year degree and wanted to add another masters degree or even perhaps a Ph’D. I went to the college seeking a way out and the only graduate degree that sounded interesting was the Special Education degree.

I met an incredible woman, Dr. Cynthia Elliott who flung me into the sun. I remember her walking into the classroom, her smile lit up the room. She was a sun of immense hope and delight! Meeting this divine woman became the stairway toward my highest self. She had confidence in me. When I had none.

Today’s illustration is 20 minutes playing in photoshop and illustrator. Each ladder represents a person, they are warped and disfigured. Yet, when they are propped up against another warped ladder they become a way to move higher. Education is the scaffolding that supports us.

I didn’t finish THAT special education graduate degree, however, I did finish my Masters in fine art. Cindy gave me courage to climb out of the messy horrible place I was in. She believed in me then and still continues to believe in me. Thank you for helping me move upward above the cloud layer Cindy.

I traveled to San Francisco believing in “the force”, believing in higher education. I did secure my MFA in sculpture at the Academy of Arts University. I am choosing clients carefully. I am creating illustrations that are purposeful as I climb my warbling ladder. Life is wonderful as we all climb upward—toward the light.

Keep soaring sweet loves! (hugging and squeezing you tight Cindy) Thank you for helping me choose me, for showing me the ladder toward heaven upon earth!

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