Thursday, November 23, 2017

Come play.

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2017 San Francisco
(Do not use without permission)

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Luvs!

It was a fabulous rejuvenating day! I spent a good chunk of time creating in illustrator. I am exploring the subconscious higher energy, meditating and letting the spirit move me. 

What a wonderful saying: ”Let the spirit move you.” My art students when wanting direction of creating something- would get that response from me.

Today I had an idea, I started with the checker board mermaid tail. From there it went crazy on me. For the life of me- the creation couldn’t decide on what it wanted to be. It was as if the energy was pinging and excited and flowing so incredibly that I kept creating and kept going back to the first tail…Maybe the first tale…first tell?
Laughing at my own silly words.

It was an exploration in playing and distorting then letting the over lapping layers become what they needed and wanted to become.

I love the abstract over lapping designs, as well as the spiraling geometry and of course the head type shapes are nice as well. I wonder which one speaks to you? And why?

Play. Just go outside and play. Do not have any intention- other than playing. Embrace the play- love the play- be the play.

That is all. (grinning) Nawh…(leaning in to kiss you on the forehead) There- now—run away with yourself…be wild…and play.

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