Monday, November 13, 2017

57-2 Stepping up

Original art by Judith Parsons Art 2017 -San Francisco


Architectural elements have always intrigued me.

Medieval architecture has always astounded me. I can only guess at how the amazing cathedral  structures were built. Certainly they must have had some sort of magic to repeat the arches and center the apexes.

I shake my head at their abilities. 

The image you are seeing took a few days to grow. It started with a simple branching shape. Two arms out reaching from a center stem. Then the square, which represents the earth in sacred geometry, became its background. After a late night of playing with the shapes. I twisted them, I sheared them, I stretched the perspective upon them. Then I kissed them all goodnight in my minds eye.

I sighed, they were a mess of shapes upon my Illustrator page. Like a halloween party, all the candy wrappers of the new discoveries littered upon the page. It was okay. Tomorrow, I would clean up the page. That night I was going to sleep on it. The new swirls and shapes needed a night to settle with their energy.

I would go do a meditation and learn more about playing with Deepak and Oprah. I was learning to play and play without needing an outcome. I never dreamed so magically. The visions that came to me after playing in illustrator and photoshop then meditating with a zillion shapes were almost too much stimulation.

I kept centering my mind, breathing and hoping all these new incredible shapes of colors and designs of sacred geometry would stay with me.

You are seeing a delicious design. 

I have a new folder with a brand new series of sacred geometry designs. I am in no rush to do anything with them. They will be born -maybe even placed into a book, one day. 

At 57, I start over. My body carries this magnificent creative imagination. I intend to keep this body strong. My agenda has changed.

I glance over, my peripheral vision giving me a glimpse of my past habits. They weren’t healthy at all. 

Times they are a changing. It takes a baby a year or more to walk. We have time folks. We CAN change and become stronger and better.

Or you can decide to stagnate. Or decide to flow like a river, flood your banks, enjoy the wet wonderful winter. 

Slurp your hot beverage and smile. Decide. Plant the seeds of yourself into this glorious wet fertile ground. I am smiling at you. Little tiny changes. We have this.

I look forward to hugging and squeezing you tight. We have a good 20 years together to perfect our designs. To build what ever we desire!!

Wooohooooooo!! Expecting miracles!

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