Tuesday, November 14, 2017

57_3. Margaret Art Teacher Extraordinaire!!

Original art created by one-of-a-kind artist Margaret Parsons.
New Orleans 2017
I just got off the telephone with my daughter Margaret and I want to brag a bit!!!! I am so thoroughly blessed to have Margaret Parsons as my daughter. She astounds me!! She does magic with her children!! I am blown away by her stage background!! Wow!! This ROCKS!!!

I am tickled pink that she is living her life passion!!! She is purposefully living!!! Wow!!

She teaches in New Orleans and I really can’t say more than that. Because she would kill me. However, I am posting photographs from the back drops that she and her students painted! THESE are fabulous pieces of art! 

When she sent them to me, I had tears streaming down my face I was so in awe of her work. If you are an art teacher, if you have students who are supposed to help you create the art for a play…then you know how challenging it is to create magic.

Margaret is magic! She creates rainbows!! 

She told me about the after school children who have become her “magical stage crew”. It all began one afternoon as Margaret was trying to hang the children’s art for a parents conference the next day. Her hands were in the air, holding up the art and the stapler was at her feet. She couldn’t reach her staple gun. In that moment of asking she found 3 terrific helpful, enthusiastic sunshine stage crew children.

Margaret, please don’t hate me for posting this incredible photo!! I think you could sell these back drops an interior wall hangings!! God knows I adore you and your mission on this earth!! YOU dear Margaret are the Art Teaching Priestess!!

I will start creating a cool design-just for you Love!! Soaring beside youuuuuuu!!!

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