Friday, November 10, 2017


Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2017
San Francsico
It has taken me a lifetime to come to this point.

It is a glorious point of reflection. If you will see the word “MIND” reflected in a body of water, you get the word “WIND” as the reflection.

As a child climbing trees, I was fascinated with the feeling of the breeze in my face, the way the wind whipped my hair in my face. I sang songs in the top of that tree. I was innocent and naive. The wind was my best friend.

Climbing is what we do. We climb mountains and climb up the corporate ladder. We climb continuously up the ladder of life. Thinking there is something better, something more if we just keep going up.

Perhaps it is an attempt to escape all that we have created.

Perhaps it is an attempt to get above the cloud layer, where everything is quiet.

You can contemplate the reasons with your mind. You can find that point of reflection, where heaven meets earth. Let the breeze of your childhood come back to you. Let the wind caress your face and sigh into that magical feeling.

I will be at that place too. Sitting beside you smiling. Where the mind reflects the wind of you.

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