Friday, December 1, 2017

Awareness Warrior Deepak

I captured this photograph of Deepak from Instagram.
I played with photoshop to create this illustration.
Judith Parsons Art 2017 San Francisco
I am listening to the time meditation and drawing in photoshop- I used a photo from instagram of Deepak  and his yoga partner. I took the image and creates a sacred geometry piece of art. 

What we focus on- we pull into the center of our lives.

No wonder the “vision board” is working. Makes sense huh? (grinning)

The things I am working on: “ Reinventing my body, resurrecting my soul. “ The title of Deepaks book. When in reality I am doing just what the book title says. Yes, I am 57 years young. Yes, most people would be considering retirement.
I on the other hand, am starting over. I am creating advertising, logos and art for people and businesses that I feel are worthy of my time.

THIS is a huge place to be. 

Oprah and Deepak called it “purposeful living”. 

It is standing in the center of a forest - looking around and knowing that this is going to be the place I have an off-grid home. I can here the young river running not far off. I can see in my minds eye the me- stronger and fit.

Can anyone start over? YES. If you follow my Facebook page- then you saw the video about a woman who started lifting weights at 59 years young. Yep. I can see you shaking your head, and I am chuckling at the idea too. However, we can start over. 

We can change the molecules and energy with great food and positive focus. YES! Let us all become the “Awareness Warrior!”

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