Friday, December 29, 2017

Maggie Boyle

Art created by Judith Parsons Art 2017 San Francisco.
If there was ever an mountain of energy within a body, it was found within Margaret Boyles tall frame. Just thinking about her spirit, how incredible courageous she was, how brave at such a young age and how determined as an older woman —makes me want to grow up and be just like her.

She was 14 years old when she was sent away to be the Dalton Abby sort of maid who did everything for the household. Her family needed the money and she was sent away to make money for the family. Can you imagine? Do you know any 14 year old today that would do that? Heck no! They’d run away and join the circus, before working as a maid, milking the cow, washing the linens, making breakfast for everyone and starting the fires every morning!

I only just met her a few years ago. My favorite memory is Maggie coming into the living room with her floppy beach hat upon her head! She had a great smile upon her face and a sparkle in her eye! She asked: “What are we doing today?” And Anita and I busted out in laughter.

There she stood in her night gown and beach hat, laughing away and ready to head to the beach. We went to the beach. We took a folding chair for her and a blanket. We talked about her life and her memories about the children and how they walked everywhere. There used to be a hedge that the children would run into when they were learning to ride a bike. I remember her saying: “Funny how they stopped running into the wall- once it became concrete.” That still makes me smile.

She was a firm believer in getting out everyday! If someone asked you out, "You had your coat at the ready!" She was always ready to go on an adventure! 

You will be missed Maggie. The house will not be the same without you. It is true, you fall in love with the whole family, not just one person. Your bright eyes, and wild wonderful white mane of hair will be horribly missed.  Keep a table set for me in heaven I look forward to sitting around the table with you and my parents, having the craic.

See you on the other side. We all know earth time is a year, while heaven time is a blink of an eye. I love you Maggie Boyle.

(The art was created with reaching arms. As we all reach for heaven daily.)

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