Friday, March 11, 2016

Review 3: Hanging On To The Past/Eric Miguel

Original art by Eric Miguel!!!
Hanging On To The  Past!

 Eric Miguel’s :

“Hanging on to the past”

We all know the cliche. We have all done it. We hold upon past dreams and past memories refusing to let go. One might stay in a relationship that is stagnating and slowly dying. The person might have passed from this realm and yet the memories of a perfect past love become our cage.

The two main characters are the man holding the flowers and a skeleton wearing a dress. The man is holding the skeletons hand and the skeleton is looking downward, toward her feet. Even in this deadly zombie state she is defeated and not able to make eye contact with the man who refuses to let go of her love.

It is an interesting scenario an invisible cage, ensnared in the past and trapped in past memories. Even though the couple sit upon a park public park bench, free in the idea of being outdoors, the man is lost in his past. The people walking by are obviously disturbed by the scene. THEY can see the skeleton, that the man can not see. Their expressions are captured wonderfully. The illustration captures how life keeps going on, the people walking to places they need to be. While this man holds on to the dead past.

The background is well done, the iron fence with the fleur-de-lis caps suggest a jail. Then the birch trees beyond that add interesting shapes. Figurative legs perhaps. I love the birch tree, the way it peels its layered bark. The tree represents life, we change we grow, we shed our layers from the past.

As I grow and mature I am learning more about energy. I know it takes a certain amount of energy to forge ahead into new areas, or to invite new people into my life. There is always a give and take of energy. Sometimes all we can do is hold on to the past. The skeleton comforts us until we are ready to move on.

Well done Eric! You have taken a difficult cliche and handled it masterfully! You are something special!!

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