Friday, March 25, 2016

Playing in the clay!

Graphic created especially for this blog by
Judith Parsons Art 2016
This week was a magnificent week. I felt like a little girl again! Art makes you strong!! 

I worked with clay, sculpting and fitting puzzle pieces together. I am learning the nuances of the feminine clay body. I am learning to appreciate its plastic shapeable medium. I am also appreciating how long I can work in my studio.

I love carving into the clay. It is glorious the way the tools sink into the surface. The bevel line runs away in my imagination. That very simple process puts me in a trance. The clay that is being removed swirls up and around-- dancing with the freedom of being its own shape. The process of carving and pulling a small concave line into the surface is delicious.

It is mesmerizing to work with clay. Honestly, I am stunned when I look at the clock and 10 hours have flown by!!!



When I first returned to college, I would hobble home. My back would be on the edge of spasms. And I would collapse upon a heating pad and pray the pain would go away so I could get up and do it all over again the next day.

I am so thrilled now, as an older woman my back has become stronger. I can stand at my art for the entire day and walk home strong. Ten or twelve hours at the clay has changed me. And for that I am grateful. Becoming lost in the playing with the clay is what passionate living is about!

I should have taken photographs. My phone plays music and I get lost in the mud. I smile and think back on playing in the ditch behind my house. There were pockets of plastic clay in the wall of the ditch. I recall digging out the plastic smooth porcelain gray mud and building rough elementary pinch pots. I didn’t know anything about clay or how to build a bowl. 

It just felt right. 

Today was perfect! I created many pieces of the puzzle. (smiling sigh) Life is what you make it!

Go to the hobby craft store and find some “sculpty” clay…or even some air dry clay. And purchase a rolling pin, (that you use exclusively for clay-you really don't want clay mixed in with your food) and an "exacto" blade. Maybe even a little rubber pad to cut upon. Roll out the clay, cut out your favorite shape. Keep cutting out small shapes…and them place them into some other shape. 

Just play. Give yourself permission to play.

It is an amazing HAPPY place to go…to the child you were…and still are.

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