Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Ball Is In Your Court. Art Review part 2.

One-of-a-kind art by
One-of-a-kind artist Eric Miguel!

Continued Art Review. 

Eric Miguel Artist. 

“The Ball Is In Your Court.”

We all know the saying: “The Ball Is In Your Court.”  The saying usually is attached to couples who are learning how to relate to one another. The “ball” part is the action one has taken, then the reaction is what the other person in the relationship is going to do. They have the ball so-to-speak. It is up to that person to decide to play the game, (continue the building and growing of the relationship) or to not play.

Most of us have been in this situation. We really aren't sure if we should risk the next move. Do we take the chance, jump in full-force, be courageous and see what happens? Are you slow to respond, afraid that the other person is just tooooo much to handle? Do you put the ball on the chair and chicken out, taking the safe way out? There really is no right answer. Each situation or each game plays out according to the players.

Eric has executed the play of this illustration with superb characters set inside of a high-school gym. The high gloss reflective floor with the painted lines is the first clue that the relationship is a young one. I love the glossy reflections, subtle yet exquisitely done. The reflections have just the right amount of opacity.

The balloons and the crepe paper decorations also hint at the location and the age of the two main characters in the illustration. The man holding the basketball is lit with a spot-light effect. Producing the perfect eye pulling perspective. His eye-brows are raised and he looks like he is either sighing or saying “Whew”. His eyes are focused on the female figure which we only glimpse a small portion of.

There is enough of the female shown to speculate about her character. Long tapered fingers with lovely long blue painted fingernails. She isn’t just any ordinary woman who paints her fingernails the usual red or pink, no, she is complicated with her choice of blue. 

Her fingers hold the chain of a necklace. The pendant on the necklace is superb, it is a basket ball net. The shadow reinforces the multi-faceted complicated relationship with its diamond type shadow. Again, an excellent thought out illustration. The setting, the basket ball court, the ball held by the male figure and the female figure holding the pendant out all convey the ball and game reference.

A lovely illustration Eric. The woman is mysterious. I love that you only showed her hand. And the clasp connecting the pendant to the chain looks sort of like a fish hook too. You got to love all the subtle playful puzzle pieces.

Do yourself a favor and hire Eric as your next illustrator…the ball is in your court.

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