Thursday, March 17, 2016

Social Butterfly -Eric

Eric Miguel created this incredible illustration.

Eric forgive me...for putting your name across the art, however, I felt of all the illustrations, this one might be used- screen captured by fellow artist.

Not meaning to plagiarize, but, well you know these days...the children have no sense of what original art is ...or copyright issues. Those issues are for another blog. I didn't mean to get off on the wrong foot. Let me start over.

Eric Miguel is an incredible artist. I know a few of you out there wanting to publish a book.
(Waving at Lisa) You need to talk with Eric...let him do the cover at least. Hire the real man for the job. Sure. I can putz around and create something. YET, this man, can make magic!!!

Eric has captured San Francisco buses. Even the homeless person has a cell phone!

I try not to have my phone in hand, usually because I am loaded down with groceries or laundry or even art material.  I stand there holding upon one of those poles trying not to step on anyones toes. And everyone under 60 years old is on their cell phone.

I have noticed Candy Crush is alive and well. People are playing away and more often than not they jump up and their stop begging the bus driver to open the back door, so they can get out.

There is a Muni saying, that is played over the bus intercom:"Keep you phone down and your head up while traveling on Muni." No one pays attention to the recording, their heads are down, keeping up with friends half way around the world.

Look up Eric's web site. Check out his work!

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