Monday, May 23, 2016

Hold on!!!

Today was an incredible day! 

My daughter won 2 incredible awards for her art. She created a new genre of art. She took the flat stagnate image of the canvas and she made it dance.
This blog is for her.

Margaret has always loved words, she is one of those rare people that can draw and comprehend the world in a visual way and translate it with both illustration and writing. She is an exceptional young lady.

Words are magical. They really are. Here, in this Facebook and blog realm we are judged by our words. They create a frame work, they create a scaffolding for us as we build who we are for one another. SHE understands the casting of spells.

Spelling. yep…when we are young we learn to string the words together. She creates spells. 

(smiling sigh) Today a friend posted a video and her magical mesmerizing voice ask the question…”Will you wait?”

Life is too short to wait.

Don’t do it. 
Don’t say: “some day”…say NOW!!!

Take a chance, leap into the love of another and hang on for Dear Life. Hold them tight to your chest, wrap your arms around them like you mean it. Squeeze them against you and stroke their back, count to 30. Breathe them in.

LOVE with all of your might. 

Margaret, you did it!! You went on your magical quest to find yourself! You danced down your path, you laughed and skipped and you became your art! You learned to take those poetic drawings and  magical words and created paintings that dance.

You found love. It found you. (grinning) You are unfurling your wings and soaring!! 


Soar baby girl soar!!

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