Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Miss you.

Photograph by Maggie Lester! Thank you Maggie for soaring, smiling and shining!

This has been an intense semester. I have not had the time to blog and apologize to my readers. I am in the last week of this semester and have time to ramble on about nothing. Thank you for reading.

I received news that was not what I wanted to hear, and it has knocked the wind from my sails. So it will take a wee bit of time for the energy to build back up. Every sailor knows the doldrums. Waiting for the tides to change and the wind to pick up. One must be patient.

I was cleaning up files, backing up hard drives and came across one photograph that made my day. Maggie, my niece took this selfie with my dad. It was the last photo of him, and he was laughing. What an incredible spirit you are Maggie!! God knows I adore your enthusiasm for life!! (hugging you tight) Thank you for this image.

My dad influenced my art. His shuttle is the foundation shape of my archway. The arch is both the doorway and the ship. There is no time to be stagnate, there is walking across thresholds and sailing down the art quest river. And every now and again the wind dies down, and we remember to laugh and smile. We remember to rest and reflect and remember the good times and let the dark negative times go.

I have many irons in the fire. But, for now, I rest. and let the energy rebuild. We ebb and flow, the tides of our soul soothe us.

I miss the hell out of my dad. I would call him and talk about art, talk about how to build the structure, how to create the foundation and the talking would find the solution. (Blinking back tears) I miss having someone to talk about my art with, who knew my glass blowing art and ceramic art. I miss people who "know" me.

I will be connecting. 

We smile and laugh and continue on.

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