Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wreck havoc with you...

Art created especially for this blog by
Judith Parsons Art 2016 San Francisco

We have all heard the saying that started from Elizabeth Gilbert: “Own your shit.” It is an in your face statement and is meant to awaken one, who always has an excuse for something not working out.

For me, all those “not working out” issues come down to refining my art. Making an illustration sharper and clearer or making the clay surface smoother. With metal it is about learning to test the weld before wasting material. It is the same for cutting leather and acrylic upon a digital laser cutter. Test, test and retest before making the final cuts.

After much spending of money upon material. I have learned to work smaller. Make prototypes.

I have been sketching up a storm since finishing a huge sculpture. A professor and respected artist friend were trying to help me rebuild with a simpler — less complicated design. She said:”Think of it like a wedding cake, building the tiers.” 

“Use the proportions and shapes to make another one.” When she said that, I admit I inhaled sharply and thought I might faint. The thought of doing another one, all over again — however, simplified immediately made my stomach feel like a stone. Oh Dear Lord, another one of these monsters?

It has taken three full days for the idea to settle, for the energy of this piece to soften and not feel like a brick in my belly. I suppose this is what Elizabeth Gilbert was referring to. I know, to really become a master in this field of sculpting art, I must rebuild and redesign the “stalk of corn” or the “wedding cake”…  I sigh and am shaking my head. 

I will rebuild it. I will design it to the the ninth degree— I am owning it.

The graphic I created thinking of the simple 3 letters..O-W-N….it happened because of a typo…I wrote W-O-N…then realized my fingers had messed up the spelling. Happy accident as Margaret would say.

(sighing) The “o”….it is all about moving that wonderful letter “o”…
Which also happens to be the symbol for the sun, which is Grandfather sun to the Native Americans. And in sacred geometry, it is heaven. I can ramble on forever and connect the “o”…or the dots…
I will dig my heels in and ask the letters to stop, “Whoa there “o”…”(now I am being silly)

I appreciate people who ramble with thoughts, who just let the spirit move them.

Go ahead—give the reins to the letters..let them wreck havoc with you…Let the muse run wild!
(smiling) Thats right…smile…shine and sing…
You are soon cute when you smile!

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