Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1 restart

One of a kind illustration created by
Judith Parsons Art 2016

I got a call from the past. 

She walks through the archway made of the purest bright morning light. She walks up to me and pulls me into her arms of purest light. She presses herself into me and I feel the warmth of renewed faith in this woman who has lost her rudder.

She strokes my back and gives me back to myself. She opens her hands and and a small sail boat sculpture sits smiling at me. She whispers for me to go. Her lips grace my ear, the warmth of her wisdom tells me to make the best ship I can make. Make it in all that you are. Make it in every medium.

I look up from her palms and the oceans of her depth spill over the edge of infinity. She whispers “tears prepare for transformation…” the words become sails and then transform into wings and fly in swirls around the ship in her palms.

Her hands disappear and my hands are left holding the ship of me.

She glides through the golden evening sunset colors.

After writing the above I went to plan in illustrator and photoshop. I wasn’t sure how this NEW beginning was going to play out. I just knew some changes had to take place. The steps, the stairs the transformation. I would write and write and write and rediscover the words and in the discovering of the words again…THEN…then I might look to the right and see the sand of time revealing the me beneath the sands…the boat, the vessel and or wings to take me higher.
The past called and asked me to reconsider starting a school for special needs students. She wants me to write out the thoughts about art, and breaking it down into bitable pieces for people who might not chew as fast or as furious as their peers.

The special needs student CAN learn and yes, it might take 3 years of training in photoshop or illustrator before they can create and “own” the program, however, it can be done. Working with special needs children requires the purest empathy and passion. I would love to start a special art school for special children. Perhaps we can start this incredible movement in Ireland.

Ireland is a magical land…waiting for miracles to happen.

As Anita Boyle is known to say: "And then you shall.”

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