Thursday, January 26, 2017

Can I make you breakfast?

Original art created by Judith Parsons Art 2017
First off…Life is good when you give your life some effort. Go to the grocery store and purchase your favorite breakfast ingredients. It can be bacon and crumpets, my favorite or granola and fresh fruit, or eggs, or whatever makes you think of your favorite all time breakky. (Yes, I spelled it incorrectly)

It is a glorious feeling to awaken extra early and put the kettle on, put the oven on to warm and make ones breakfast. It takes energy. Yep, it totally takes energy to make a breakfast. All too many mornings I have grabbed a banana and run out the door. Or skipped breakfast. 

And breakfast is important for one simple reason. YOU, are important enough to make something nice for you. Take time to cook. Take time to put ingredients together. Take the time to purchase the food. Admittedly, I have purchased food with intent to cook and the energy just was not there. Yep, I hear you, it is wasteful. And I felt bad with all the poverty out there. And I haven’t done it often. Back to point.

I totally love perfectly cooked thick pepper bacon cooked fabulously! Yes indeed! WhewWeeee! What a lovely way to start the day. And crumpets with melted butter, steamed in foil, then just a wee bit of peanut spread over those tiny holes. Yep, licking my lips just thinking about it.

The point really isn’t the food. It is taking the time to love yourself. Ann Watters (waving) posted on Facebook about loving yourself this year. And honestly, when you do, when you feel good about you, it changes everything. The energy comes back, and you start to sing and surprise yourself with your humming.

Then another lovely friend, Marietherese gave me the best tip of all time, say there words everyday: “Everything is happening perfectly.” It is from Susan Jeffers book, “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” Life might not be exactly how you planned it. However, it is a work in progress. Personally, if it is perfect, then it is time to transition to the next realm. Life is messy sometimes, life takes effort and energy. However, every single day you can adjust your sails, make changes that you know will make the next day better.

Changes can be simple. Walk up a flight of stairs. Eat a fruit. Sing a song. What we do and what we say reflects back upon us. Stay positive. Let all the negative stuff go. Let the fear go. It isn’t helping any of us. Start with breakky.

Slurping my java. LOVE you guys! Have a glorious blessed day! 

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