Friday, January 13, 2017

Hurricane hawk of a woman.

Photograph taken at Shutters Inn - LA, CA
Judith Parsons Art

I have spent 2 days with an incredible hurricane of a woman. She is a wee woman physically, yet her spirit is immense! A hurricane of compassion and love. She spins with energy!!! To be in her presence is to be uplifted, you can not help but soar beside her. Just lift your arms out straight and you can catch the updraft of her loving energy and soar.

She has the courage to fly above the cloud layer. It is marvelous to be in the presence of someone so strong. She has conquered much and the universe has thrown much at her, asking her if she is strong enough to conquer more. She gets on with her best life, dancing and sashaying her hips as she journeys her fabulous quest.

It is who she is— a mentoring loving woman that wants everyone to see life from her eagle eye perspective. Yes, we all know it snows and rains, and she is wise enough to not be bothered by it. She is above the cloud layer.

The eagle of her has swooped down and lifted me above the cloud layer. I am carried gently in her talons, as the rivers below become snakes, zig zagging to the ocean. We are so high up and I am enjoying her wisdom.

Things happen in our life that are beyond our control….The hurricane and the eagle, what a force of life she is! We all have horrible things happen to us. A death of a loved one, which knocks the wind out of us.  Cancer, which devastates us, but it does not label us. One gets a cold; but one does not say “I have conquered a cold.” What a wise woman she is to know this.

Or, one gets slammed by a devastating hurricane— which takes everything we love away from us. One does not say: “That hurricane is why I am totally screwed up- I will fold up my tent and become a sad pitiful creature because of it.”  Yes! I have learned much from her! She is a towering wise gigantic light burning away all negativity, asking me to start over with a fresh innocent heart.

When I left her physically, my heart sank. I could feel the cold shadow of sadness seep in. And then I heard her voice whisper in my ear: “It is all happening perfectly.” That quote is from a book by Susan Jeffers.  I will be purchasing the book: “Feel the fear and do it anyway” .

Today is different from all the other days I have lived. I have met someone, just as enthusiastic and as crazy wild as I am. Thank you Terry for your amazing light, laughter and love. You have thrown me into the sun and I can trust in the unknown with you beside me. You are a remarkable energy! 

(The photograph is taken after talking about "safe words"- Thank you Terry for the ultimate assist. Your heart has helped heal so much.)

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