Monday, January 23, 2017

Sail with me.

Original one of kind art
by Judith Parsons Art 2017
I just finished watching the movie “La-La-Land.” You must go see it! Sure it is corny, and if you know me, then you know—I love corny. It makes one think about alternative realities. 
It makes one believe in many parallel universes where many realities are happening at once.

It makes great sense. (sighing) To think: “If I had done this…then this would have happened…”

There are a million “what-if’s” in my life. Perhaps there are a million in your life. 

If only I had attended this, or made this decision, or decided to stay instead of go, if I had done this or that. Life is an endless list of ‘I wonder what would have happened if…’ the movie makes one look over your shoulder, back to the left of what was. 

Tonight as I watched the film I thought of my first love. How much he changed me, how much I needed his rescuing from my family. Perhaps I am alone in this, though, I think not, we all wanted someone to “rescue” us. I was born in a time when we still believed in the “knight upon a white horse.” I was one of the long haired innocent ones…smitten by his strength and his naive ideals.

We both were so young. Awh, to be young and naive. Not so innocent anymore. Let me bring you back to more recent years.

After hurricane Katrina, which destroyed many lives in New Orleans, we rebuilt and connected to new loves. I taught at Folsom Elementary school and also opened my studio to students on the weekend.

I had two brothers come over for private art lessons in my studio. I still connect with them via Facebook. (Waving) They propelled me into the sun. They really helped me find the art teacher-mentor in me. They were ready to soar. They created the coolest art EVER. We just “winged” it. We let the spirit move us and we created passionately for those hours we were together.

The best life is lived passionately!! (grinning)
At 50 I had the better late than never “ah-ha” moment. The time had come to finally do what I had always wanted to do. To become a real artist. I did not want to be the old woman in a rocking chair regretting that I had not tried to be more.

I took the chance on returning to art college.I unfurled my sails and found my highest self, here in San Francisco. I found my self upon the waters of life, all leading to now. Water is the “fountain of youth”, I teach swimming at Chinatown YMCA and am happiest when my little baby sharks find their “ah-ha” moment of buoyancy. 

Sure, I am wrapping my head around three dimensional technology and digital laser technology. In May, I will be finishing up my “Art Priestess Quest” and finding more regular income. Right now, I am open to all possibilities, magic and potential new ventures.

Maybe I can throw you into the sun and help you unfurl your wings. 

Life is “La-la-land” amazing. Thank you for reading. I treasure you!

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